The Crypstarter Liquidity Bootstrap Event

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We want the Crypstarter project to be fully operational, with the goal of building a new concept of blockchain economy, along with designing a decentralized financial system to serve Crypstarter Economy, we decided to officially launch our Treasury and liquidity pool to begin our project. As we all know, every CST minted is backed by a DAI (or other stable coin), so the question is how we start and follow this policy? We will raise funds to back initial supply by open a pre-sale.

About Presale

Time: From Jan 25 – Jan 27

Only whitelisted users can join the pre-sale.

Address submissions will be taken until Jan 22 at 0300 UTC.

Token: $CST

Maximum 50,000 $CST will be offered for sale

Price per token: 5 BUSD per $CST

Each whitelisted address can buy a maximum of 1,000 BUSD

Vesting Period: Linearly release over 14 days from launching date

The Initial Discord Offering

You are qualified to participate in the launch sale if you were in our discord before March 20th at 0300 UTC and are not from the United States. You will be whitelisted if you give a BNB address to our Discord channel. If this makes you uneasy, you can wait until trading begins to buy anonymously.

Addresses will be accepted until 0300 UTC on March 10th. The window has closed at this time, and you will not be whitelisted if you were in the discord before the 3rd.

CST will be available in a limited supply of 60,000 units at first. Participants in the launch event will get 50,000 dollars, with 10,000 dollars added as early liquidity.

The launch sale will take place from March 12th at 0300 UTC to March 14th at 1500 UTC. You can buy OHM during this period if you have been whitelisted. The sale price is $4 per OLY. The funds will be used to back the CST sold and provide initial liquidity.

The transaction will bring in $250k if we are fully subscribed. To back up the initial supply, $60,000 will be placed in the Treasury, $40,000 will be use for developing system & marketing only. The remaining $150,000 could be used as liquidity. The Liquidity Pool will be released with 150,000 DAI and 10,000 CST on the first day. This is a $15 launching price with $300,000 in initial liquidity.

Note: If the fact that we’re starting above $1 doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not paying attention. Please either learn more or take a break for the time being.

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