Frequently Asked

What is Crypstarter?

Crypstarter is a blockchain network built to help startups access the new technology revolution and raise funds from our community. Based on Proof-of-Stake technology, Crypstarter uses cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled security and durability to decentralized applications, systems, and communities.

According to Crypstarter, interoperable blockchain technology makes the global economy stronger through decentralization, accountability through transparency, and efficiency through programmable value. We also provide a user-friendly environment that allows businesses to access blockchain technology as well as grow and raise funds from our community.

Are high APYs sustainable?

To issue fresh CST tokens, APY relies on the selling of UST bonds. High APY rates may be sustained if enough bonds are sold. If the protocol aspires for a 10,000 percent annual percentage yield and 10,000 CST tokens are staked, 200 CST tokens must be produced daily to meet the APY (Roughly 2 percent growth a day). The APY is sustainable if at least 200 CST tokens are brought into the system via bond sales.

Because of compounding interest, the annual percentage yield (APY) can be rather large. Every day, funds are automatically staked in order to produce exponential growth.

What is Crypstarter Coins?

Crypstarter Currency is a Decentralized Finance system based on the CST token, which is backed and collateralized by the Crypstarter Treasury. The reserve currency for the Crypstarter Economy will be $CST. Crypstarter will use the Algorithmic Reserve Currency mechanism to maintain price stability, and it will be backed up by other decentralized assets. $CST holders have a great deal of power on Crypstarter’s future via on-chain voting.

What is POI?

Proof of Investment (POI) is the NFT that an investor gets when an investment deal is signed off, in addition to other benefits that a normal deal would give, such as shares of the business. The POI records how much CST has been invested into the business and in exchange for how many of its shares and tokens.

What is Staking?

Crypstarter DAO's key value accrual approach is staking. Stakers can receive rebase incentives by staking their CST on the Crypstarter DAB website. The rebase incentives are derived from bond sales proceeds and can vary according on the quantity of CST staked in the protocol and the reward rate established by monetary policy. If you stake for a long enough length of time, the rise in your staked CST balance should ultimately overtake the price decline.

What is Bonding?

Crypstarter DAO's secondary value accrual mechanism is bonding. Crypstarter can obtain its own liquidity and other reserve assets, such as UST, by selling CST at a discount in exchange for these assets. The protocol quotes the bonder on conditions such as the bond price, the number of CST tokens the bonder is entitled to, and the vesting duration. The bonder can collect portion of the incentives (CST tokens) as they vest, and the whole amount will be claimable at the conclusion of the vesting term.

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