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Crypstarter is a Blockchain Network built to make it easy for startups to access the cryptocurrency technology revolution and crowdfunding.

What is Crypstarter?

Crypstarter is a Blockchain Network built to make it easy for startups to access the cryptocurrency technology revolution and crowdfunding. The goal of Crypstarter is to create a decentralized economy within its own ecosystem, where all participants can earn profits through economic activities on the ecosystem..

Contrary to the trend of gradually becoming saturated like GameFi or the concept of Play-to-earn, Crypstarter focuses on building a blockchain economy along with promoting the concept of Work-to-earn to help people earn money through economic activities like the real market in a more sustainable and serious way. 

What problem does Crypstarter solve?

The first problem: There are many fundraising platforms operating in the Blockchain field (Launchpad), but they all share two major disadvantages:

  • Requiring startups must already have specific products or requiring very high costs makes it difficult for early-stage startups.
  • Only serving Blockchain projects without accepting other projects, making startups unable to access funds from the crypto investment community.

Before that situation, Crypstarter was created to help startups inside and outside the Blockchain industry to immediately access funds from the community without requiring input costs as well as product availability.

The second problem: These fundraising platforms do not have an ecosystem to support associated projects, the project after being launched is almost independent of the Launchpad, bringing risks to both the project and Investors. Crypstarter is designed with a complete ecosystem included, helping to reduce risks for projects, avoiding them from collapsing due to external impacts.

The third problem: After investing in the startup, investors cannot liquidate their investment when they need to use urgent finance. Crypstarter create new concept: Proof of Investment (POI) helps investors get liquidity as quickly as possible.

Highlights of the Crypstarter project

  1. A Complete ecosystem and the economy is tightly designed to prevent inflation, helping to maintain the ecosystem in the long run.
  2. Get liquidity for early stage startup investors without waiting for startups to generate profits by NFTizing investments with proof of investment (POI) concept.
  3. Secure core token (CST) value with a basket of stablecoins to limit investor losses during bear market conditions.

Currencies in Crypstarter Ecosystem

Crypstarter develops a DeFi system consisting of two cryptocurrencies including CST (Reserve Currency) and AURE (Algorithmic stablecoin) to bring stability to the ecosystem and guarantee the value of community investments.

CST token

CST is a token that is backed by a basket of leading stablecoins in the market (BUSD, USDT, DAI…) with the goal of developing a decentralized financial system to support the Crypstarter economy. By focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation, the CST token can function as a currency that is able to maintain purchasing power, stabilize, and gradually increase in value regardless of market volatility.

Algorithm stable coin AURE

AURE is the main stable coin in Crypstarter ecosystem, it works based on a balancing algorithm. When the market demand for AURE is high and supply is limited, the price of AURE will increase, the protocol will incentivize users to burn CST to mint AURE. When the demand for AURE is low and the supply is too large, the price of AURE falls, the protocol will incentivize users to burn AURE to mint CST. The protocol ensures that AURE’s supply and demand are in balance resulting in stable AURE prices.

Basically, AURE is just not a copy of other algorithmic stablecoins, it is a new kind of Algorithmic Stablecoin. It means AURE is also backed by at least $1 stablecoin in the treasury and also pegs to 1 USD. We are using 2 mechanisms to protect the value of AURE. The CST token is backed by a treasury to guarantee the value of CST token and the whole ecosystem. 

AURE token price stability protocol operation diagram

Crypstarter Ecosystem

Crypstarter has a complete ecosystem, ensuring high interoperability within the ecosystem and liquidity for investors’ profits, below is a list of products in the Crypstarter ecosystem.

  • Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Crypstarter uses crowdfunding in the ecosystem, any member who meets the requirements will be entitled to participate in investing in new projects fairly.

  • Crypstarter DAO

This is a decentralized protocol that works on the Crypstarter Blockchain,

helps CST token holders to participate in activities and projects on the Crypstarter Network platform by voting through the DAO mechanism. They will also be rewarded for staking CST tokens or providing other services in the Crypstarter ecosystem.

  • Crypstarter Auto Pool Balance 

Crypstarter APB is a product built to help our users make money from the arbitraging activities and it is a protocol created to keep the value of AURE always pegged with 1 USD.

  • Crypstarter Treasury

Acting as the bank of the Crypstarter ecosystem, the Crypstarter Treasury (also known as DAB – Decentralized Autonomous Banking) includes the following systems:

+ Treasury managed by Crypstarter DAO

+ Liquidity management protocol for the ecosystem

+ Bond and stake mechanism.

Crypstarter DAB is designed to control the expansion of supply and provide important financial services to the ecosystem.

  • Secondary Market

Investing in a startup in general or investing in any other business for investors is very difficult to sell their investment within the first 2-3 years of project development, this is the pain point of the traditional market because of the limitation of technology.

Secondary Market is a market place that provides liquidity for investors’ investments. When an investor invests in a startup, that investment on the system will be issued as a POI (proof of investment) and you can sell it as an item without the hassle of liquidity. This is also a new concept only available on Crypstarter. The POI is basically an NFT and it records all the information about the investment.

Investment forms in the Crypstarter ecosystem

Of course, investors come to Crypstarter to invest, so how to invest? Crypstarter offers four investment forms in the ecosystem, namely Bonds, CST Lending, Staking and Invest in startups.

  • Bonds

Crypstarter can generate its own liquidity and reserve assets by selling CST tokens at a discounted price after a certain period of time in exchange for the reserve assets, thereby adding liquidity and stability to the Crypstarter ecosystem. Bond buyers will be entitled to a portion of CST tokens upon provision of reserve assets and all CST tokens after the period specified in the contract.

  • CST Lending

For those who hold a large amount of CST tokens but don’t know what to do with it or don’t have time to manage it, they can lend it back to benefit from those who want to hold CST tokens in exchange for incentives, such as increasing investment norms, voting rights or other purposes…

  • Staking

Investors can get profit by staking CST. The basis of profits is derived from bond sales and reward rates set by monetary policy. 

When staking, investors will exchange CST tokens for an equivalent amount of sCST tokens, at the end of each period the sCST balance will be automatically refunded. Since sCST is also a token by nature, it can be combined with other DeFi protocols to continue to generate returns for investors. You can also request to withdraw profit from staking at any time if sCST is not being used.

  • Invest in startups

This is the most important investment activity in Crypstarter ecosystem. When investors invest in startups in Crypstarter, they get three main benefits:

  1. Receive shares of Startup.
  2. Receive tokens issued by the project in the amount negotiated in the contract.
  3. Receive a Proof of Investment (POI): this is an NFT that records information about an investment, making it possible for investors to liquidate their investment whenever they want. This is a preeminent feature of Crypstarter over other investment platforms.

Token Distribution

Crypstarter has a very special way of distributing tokens, we do not open Private Sale, IDO or similar forms. You can only mint CST by providing 1 pCST + 1 Stablecoin. This ensures long-term intrinsic value for Crypstarter as no one can sell pCST directly to the market, preventing the rug pulls that lead to ecosystem collapse. So, how is the distribution of pCST?

  • Team: 310 million pCST and 8% supply
  • Investment fund: 70 million pCST and 3% supply
  • Advisors/Partners: 70 million pCST and 2% supply
  • Public Sale (Member Special Offer): 30 million pCST and unlimited supply
  • DAO/Community: 520 million pCST and no supply cap (community can decide)

This vesting mechanism makes the team founder, investment funds, advisors… only able to vest a total of 13% of the total supply, while the community has 87% and the right to vesting or selling is unlimited. It can be understood as follows: for example, when the total supply of CST reaches 10,000,000 tokens, all founders, funds, advisors can only be converted from pCST to CST for a total of 1.3M tokens, and will be changed gradually but not discharged at the same time.

The Founding team can only receive CST tokens as the project grows more and more. If the project does not grow, we ourselves get nothing. It can be temporarily calculated that for the Founder team to convert all the tokens they have, the total supply must reach 2 billion – 5 billion tokens, and it may take the equivalent of 10 years for that.

Team members and Partners of Crypstarter

Key members of Crypstarter include:

  • Mr. Hubert Truong, CEO of Crypstarter, who has 15 years of experience in startups, technology, e-commerce and social media.
  • Mrs. Minh Huynh, CFO, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Investment and Finance. Currently, she is the Director of one of the major Venture Capital Funds in Asia.
  • Mr. Hank Nguyen, CTO, holds a PhD in Signal Processing at NTU, Singapore. He is an expert in extensible high-performance computing applications.
  • Mrs. Hang Pham, CMO, 14 years of experience in the marketing industry; Managing Director of 5S Communication & Consulting Company; Member of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Advertising Association.
  • Mrs. Quynh Nguyen, CCO, with more than 17 years of experience, is currently the Former Managing Director of Nielsen Vietnam & Cambodia; Female Chairman & Founder of Blue Ocean Consulting Company.
  • Mr. Tai Huynh, CGO, 20 years of experience; CEO & Co-Founder Kyanon Digital; Investor & Venture Builder of several technology companies.
  • Mrs. Susan Do, CLO, with 12 years of experience; Legal Director of Mytel in Myanmar. Responsible for many large corporations, banks and enterprises in Vietnam.

In addition to the strong members of the top employees in the industry, Crypstarter is currently supported by its Partner, BambuUP – a One-stop Innovation Platform – helping to create meaningful connections between Startup, SME, Large Company and Investment Fund in the Crypstarter ecosystem.

With a group of strong team members in the market, along with BambuUP being considered as a pioneer in the field of fund management and startups, we are serious about the long-term development of the project.

We really hope that we can have you as a part of Crypstarter and this journey, where we can build a new decentralized economy together.

CEO – Hubert Truong

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